‘Skörden i travar’ av Anders Waldur


Just nu kan man se Anders Waldurs tavla “Skörden i travar” i Athen, AF-borgen. Tavlan presenteras här tillsammans med en reflekterande text till motivet skriven utav en av konstsamlingens medlemmar.


Skörden i travar

Anders Waldur



Those few, precious seconds. Light bursting through the dense, grey mass of cloud to illuminate the fields with a sweet golden glow. That moment when you depart from reality to drench yourself in the cloak of light that envelopes your body – the feeling of that glorious warmth on your cheek. You pause mid-step to take in the scene before you and all your senses acutely attune to the present moment. The refreshing chill of the breeze that washes over you and sweeps over the fields, the leftover crops swaying gently against the wind. The dryness of the cracked muddy path under your feet that crumbles with every step. The methodical chirping of grasshoppers beneath the grass and the gentle breeze being the only sound – the violent noisiness of humanity far in the distance buried beneath the grey shadow of clouds.

Seconds pass too fast to comprehend. The clouds framing the magnificent blue firmament once again enclose around it and shadows form on the horizon. You become aware of the silhouetted buildings in the distance, slowly the shadow moves across the fields, the trees, casting everything in an ominous darkness. Reality clawing its way back into your thoughts. The sudden realisation as the shadow cascades towards you that the path leads to a place nestled within space and time, a journey you must take. The moment has past and now you must trudge towards that familiar normality, re-joining society, the brief, heavenly connection to the rawness of nature – gone.

Anders Waldur, also known as Anders Persson Waldur was born in 1867 in Vallkärra (now apart of Lund). He left Lund to study in Stockholm and he did several trips abroad to places such as Paris and the US. The trip that affected his art the most was the trip that he took to what then was called the Orient, he painted several of the holy places. The picture that we show here “Skörden i travar” shows Vallkärra, in the background we can see Vallkärra church that was built in the 12th century. Waldur mostly painted landscapes and portraits in a realistic style as we can see on the picture.


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