The Academic Society

The Academic Society was founded in 1830, Lund. The driving force behind the organisation’s formation was Carl Adolph Agardh. Agardh was a member of both the Swedish Academy and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. He was a Professor of Botany as well as Economy and in 1835 he became the Bishop of Karlstad.
He vouched for the need of an organisation that could gather the students and ”develop academic life”; as written in the organisation’s regulations and expressed in the Academic Society’s motto, ”Coniuncta Valent” (”the united are strong”).
With financial help from King Oscar I, the Academic Society was able to buy a house, land and later in 1850-51 erect the AF-bulding adjacent to the University’s main building, The Kings House and Lund Cathedral.
The AF-building, sometimes called ”yngligaborgen” (”The Youths Castle”), is built in the Romanesque style and was designed by the architect HJ Strömberg, who later became the City Architect of Gothenburg.
Today the The Academic Society has over 20,000 members and accommodates a wide range of committees and organisations in the AF-building.

History of the art collection

The Academic Society’s Art Collection was founded in 1861 under the name ‘Skånska konstmuseum’ (‘The Scanian Art Museum’). The collection consists of more than 400 European artworks, mostly oil paintings but also sculptures and statues. The early collection was gathered in the 19th century by donation from, among others, Swedish artists, royalty and nobility. In the first decades of the 20th century the Academic Society bought art of notable Swedish artists that often had a connection to Lund and the region of Scania. The purpose was to have a good, representative collection of Scanian art from the turn of the century.

The collection

In the collection there is artwork by Swedish artists such as Gösta Adrian-Nilsson, Ola Billgren, David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl, Isaac Grünewald, Carl Johan de Geer, Carl Fredrik Hill, Tora Vega Holmström, Marcus Larson, and Gustaf Rydberg, only to name a few. The collection also contains European oil paintings from the 16th and 17th century.

The Academic Society’s Art Collection today

Today the committee of the Academic Society’s Art Collection are using our resources to preserve and repair the existing collection rather than investing money in new art. However, the collection is always open to donations and is still growing. Another important mission for the committee is to keep a record of the collection and to give guided tours and exhibitions of the art collection to students and to the general public.




English wikipedia links to some of the artist featured in our collection:


Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (GAN)
Vilhelm Bissen
Johan Christoffer Boklund (founder of The Academic Society’s Art Collection)
David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl
Carl Eldh
Prins Eugen (Prince Eugen)
Ubaldo Gandolfi
Isaac Grünewald
Carl Johan de Geer
Carl Fredrik Hill
Karl XV (Charles XV of Sweden)
Aleksander Lauréus
Marcus Larson
Egron S Lundgren
Gustaf Wilhelm Palm


Contact us

You can contact Liv Mellander, the chairman of the Academic Society’s Art Collection, on konst@af.lu.se if you have any questions about the collection or if you, as a student at Lunds university, are interested in joining the committee.

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